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A clicker game in the Telegram app from Cross Finance

with real payouts!

This game was created specifically for a complete understanding and ability to work in the Cross Finance crypto industry, which allows users to immerse themselves in the world of cryptocurrency, master the basic principles and earn real money, which is millions of dollars!

Thanks to the exciting gameplay, players can not only have fun, but also gain valuable experience for successful work in the crypto field from Cross Finance...
EN Introduction

Create a crypto wallet on the CrossFi test site and start building your crypto empire, or use an already created wallet to complete Testnet tasks: **https://test**

Every day, at 00:00 CET you are allocated a certain energy limit (6600) that you can spend on clicks (1 energy spent on 1 tap, 1 tap gives you 0.5 MPX). The game offers additional ways to acquire and purchase energy: boosts and tasks, which are coming soon.

Develop a network of friends and like-minded individuals who share your passion for crypto! There are multiple levels to the referral program so you can earn of off people your referrals invited too. The referral program will be updated and there will be coin bonuses for the friends you invited!

After the issue ends (no one knows its end) You will be given the opportunity to transfer all tokens to the main Cross-Fi wallet and cash out for real money using VISA or МИР cards.

Start earning money

What can this bot do?:

1. Create a Crypto Wallet on the Crossfit Test Site;
2. Earn MPX coins in our exciting game;
3. Create your own network of friends and more.

How to play?

(Open the detailed instructions) - this needs to be done later, but it may not make sense.

Click to earn

Crossfi Bot is a clicker game in which you earn millions of dollars in coins by tapping on the screen. Every 24 hours, you are allocated a certain amount of energy that you can spend on clicks. The game offers additional ways to get and buy energy


The more coins you earn, the higher you will rise in the leagues. Your position in the league will affect the conversion rate of MPX coins from the test network to the main one.


Get bonuses and complete tasks to earn more points per second and increase your energy.


Invite your friends and you will both receive bonuses. Help your friend move to the next league and get more energy and coins.

All updates will be published in our Telegram channel, stay informed and start mining MPX coins right now

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