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Starting November 1, 2023, our Official website is open to all countries around the world. You will find not only information about our company and products, but also inspiration, opportunities and endless resources for development in our unique ecosystem.
We create a new business approach

About CrossFinance

Back in 2009, when one US dollar (!) was equivalent to 1,330 bitcoin BTC, a mysterious word sounded in the advertising world - CRYPTOCURRENCY. Few people believed in her future, but who knew that this "handsome" BTC would become a real star, soaring so high a few years later... And now there is a new star in the sky - the XFI token from Cross Finance...

And now essentially:

​In 2009, the world missed an opportunity that has become a reality today. The mistake of ignoring Bitcoin has begun to be corrected thanks to the advent of Cross Finance. This innovative company has not only implemented its own blockchain in the market, but also developed a unique Cross-Fi technology, which has become a new boon for investors.

Moving forward, a company with extensive experience and an impressive portfolio is gaining leadership positions in the financial market. Due to the successful completion of audits and full compliance with all requirements, it demonstrates an impeccable reputation and receives all the necessary licenses to work with financial transactions worldwide.

The XFI coin, symbolizing the company's internal economy, is already traded on two world-famous cryptocurrency exchanges, MEXC and HTX (Huobi). This guarantees the wide availability and liquidity of the cryptocurrency, which attracts investors and creates a favorable atmosphere for further growth and development of the company.

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Moreover, the company is creating its

own cryptobank, which implements a payment system and provides bank crypto cards Visa, MasterCard and MIR. This revolutionary offer allows users to carry out transactions using cryptocurrency on a par with traditional financial instruments. Such cooperation with leading payment systems gives the company additional reliability and increases its attractiveness to a wide audience.

Company Management

  • Alexander Mamasidikov
    President of the Company
  • Fyodor Bogorodsky
    Financial Director
  • Leo Kahn

    Executive Director
  • Ryan Horn

    Global Strategy Consultants


The legal opinion of XFI, one of the largest law offices in Singapore, confirms the safety and reliability as a result of a thorough legal and financial audit of the company and its team.

The XFI coin is officially listed on the two largest cryptocurrency exchanges HTC and MEXC. Both exchanges have been successfully operating since 2018 and are among the top 20 exchanges in terms of trading volume.

Openness towards the community:

We regularly participate in fintech and blockchain community events. Cross Finance became the titular partner of one of the key crypto events this fall - Token2049 in Singapore, CrossFi's banking director was in the group with Justin Sun of TRON DAO and other leading experts discussing cryptocurrency trends for the next decade, while our Head of Strategy delved into the specifics of building a new generation solution.

The world's largest bridge building partners

We believe that a strong international network of partners is one of the key differences between trusted companies. Our partners include key global players around the world, such as VSK Co., a Brazilian company with more than 25 years of experience in the capital market. More detailed information about the partners can be found on our website

Decentralization to the very core of the ecosystem

1. All transactions are visible and irreversible, go and look in the Explorer.
2. Non-custodial solutions while you transfer, assets remain in your wallet.
3. The XFI token will also be a management token and token holders will vote on network commissions and other issues related to the future development of the company.

The main crypto exchanges on which Cross Finance company trades
The two main crypto exchanges are listed below

MEXC Exchange

The MEXC crypto exchange is a modern and innovative exchange that offers a wide range of cryptocurrency trading tools. It is designed to meet the modern requirements of traders and provides a convenient and reliable tool for buying, selling and exchanging cryptocurrencies and MPX.

MEXC: a leading exchange with a focus on the user. Unique content that surpasses the competition.

HTX Exchange (Huobi)

This cryptocurrency exchange provides the best conditions for successful trading. With reliable data protection and an active community of traders, Huobi HTC ensures the security and high liquidity of trading. Choose Huobi HTX for trading.

Как получить аккаунт в Cross Finance?

Get a CrossFire Account

Getting your Company account is easy and simple.

Creating a wallet in the system is registration. To do this, go to the main site and select "XFI CONSOLE" in the menu, as shown in the picture.

Как получить аккаунт в Cross Finance?

CrossFi License
CrossFi has successfully passed all audits and received a license to carry out its activities in the field of blockchain technologies. This significant achievement confirms the high level of professionalism and reliability of our company.

Passing audits and obtaining a license are confirmation that our company meets the highest standards of data security, meets the requirements of regulators and is ready to provide our customers with reliable and secure solutions in the field of blockchain technologies. Download

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